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2020-08-05 06:05:12
西餐的餐具該怎麼擺放呢? 入座時有特別的規定嗎? 胡椒罐、餐巾、麵包籃 … 這些在餐桌上常見的東西英文是什麼呢? VoiceTube幫你一次搞懂! 讓你變身成餐桌禮儀達人! [![](http://

胡椒罐、餐巾、麵包籃 … 這些在餐桌上常見的東西英文是什麼呢?

餐桌禮儀(table manners)是非常重要的,從餐桌禮儀中,可以看出一個人重不重視小細節,
學好餐桌禮儀,讓你一輩子受用無窮 :)

Utensils 餐具

utensils / cutlery 餐具
knife 刀子
fork 叉子
spoon 湯匙
plates 盤子
salad plate 沙拉盤
glasses 杯子
napkin 餐巾
pepper shaker 胡椒罐
salt shaker 鹽罐
bread basket 麵包籃
butter tray 奶油碟


  • Would you please pass the … ? 請問你可以將 … 遞給我嗎?
  • Would you please pass the pepper shaker ? 請問你可以將胡椒罐傳過來嗎?

Seating 入座

  1. Man should open the chair for the lady. 男士應該為女士拉開椅子讓她入座。
  2. Man should sit on the lady’s left-hand side. 男士應該坐在女士的左手邊。
  3. Go into the seat from the left-side. 由椅子的左側入座。
  4. Keep your hands on the lap before the meal serving. 在上餐之前把手放在大腿上。

Napkin 餐巾使用方式

  1. Unfold the napkin and fold it half before putting it on your lap. 打開餐巾,對折,然後放在大腿上。
  2. Use the napkin only to wipe your mouth. 餐巾只能用來輕輕的擦拭嘴邊。
  3. Place the napkin on the back of the chair if you need to be excused. 如要離開座位, 將餐巾放在椅背上。
  4. After completion, place the soiled napkin at the left of your place setting. 用餐完畢, 把用過的餐巾放在餐具的左手邊。

Place Setting 餐具擺設與使用方法

  1. Put the fork on the left-hand side and the knife on the right-hand side. 把叉子放在左邊,刀子放在右邊。
  2. Always eat outside-in. 先用擺在最外面的刀叉,由外而內的使用餐具。
  3. Put the salad fork to the outside of the dinner fork, the salad knife to the outside of the dinner knife. 把沙拉用叉子放在晚餐(主餐)叉的外側,沙拉刀放在晚餐(主餐)刀外側。因為我們是先吃沙拉再吃主餐。
  4. The knife blade should be pointed toward the plate. 刀刃要面向盤子擺放。
  5. The soup spoon goes outside the knives. 喝湯用的湯匙要放在刀子外側。
  6. Place the dessert up top, and the bowl of the spoon is pointing to the left. 把甜點餐具擺在餐盤正上方,湯匙的前端 要朝左擺放。
  7. Set a cake fork and flip it 180 degrees to dessert spoon. 蛋糕叉和甜點湯匙擺放方向相反。
  8. The bread plate should be set at the upper left, and the butter knife goes on the plate at an angle, with the blade pointing in. 麵包盤要擺在左上角,奶油刀要斜擺在麵包盤上,讓刀刃面向自己。
  9. Set the wine glass to the upper right. 把酒杯放在右上角。
  10. Place the water glass to the left of the wine glass. 把水杯斜放在酒杯左側。

Table manners 用餐禮儀

  1. During eating, your back should be relying on the seat back. 用餐時,背部要靠著椅背。
  2. The meat entrees should match wine, and the fish entrees should match white wine.主菜若是肉類應搭配紅酒,魚類則搭配白酒。
  3. When eating the soup, scoop the soup with spoon from back to front. 喝湯時,用湯匙由後往前將湯舀起。
  4. When eating the bread, torn the bread into small pieces and eat with left hand. 吃麵包時,先用兩手撕成小塊,再用左手拿來吃。

讓我們一起正確又快樂的用餐吧 ^_^


首張圖片來源/ Rhett Sutphin via Flickr