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shortcake 是鳳梨酥、jerky 是肉乾?台灣十大伴手禮的英文,你會說嗎?

2020-09-26 01:14:30
台灣的好客程度遠近馳名,但你在送外國客戶或朋友伴手禮時,只說得出 traditional snack 嗎?麥芽餅、牛軋糖、鐵蛋等你知道要怎麼跟外國朋友介紹嗎?我們整理了台灣十個名產的英文,每個都好想手刀買來吃!

台灣的好客程度遠近馳名,但你在送外國客戶或朋友伴手禮時,只說得出 traditional snack 嗎?麥芽餅、牛軋糖、鐵蛋等你知道要怎麼跟外國朋友介紹嗎?小 V 整理了台灣十個名產的英文,每個都好想手刀買來吃!

1. 鳳梨酥 pineapple cake / shortcake / pastry


In Taiwanese, the word for “pineapple” sounds similar to the phrase, “here comes prosperity” , so pineapples have come to symbolize good luck and fortune. We buy pineapple cakes for each other during Chinese New Year. They usually come with two kinds of fillings: white gourd and pineapple. The ones with white gourd fillings are sweeter, softer, and more creamy to the taste, whereas the other kind comes in a more solid texture and contains the natural sour taste of pineapples.

  • shortcake 酥餅
  • pastry 酥皮餡餅
  • pineapple 鳳梨
  • yolk 蛋黃
  • white gourd 冬瓜
  • gourd 葫蘆

2. 麥芽餅 maltose cracker sandwich


The maltose cracker sandwich is a snack that has been around for decades. It’s made of two pieces of crackers and a maltose filling. It’s good and it won’t get stuck on your teeth. I promise that once you get a bite of it, you won’t be able to stop!

  • maltose 麥芽糖

3. 綠豆椪 mung bean pastry


The mung bean pastry is one kind of traditional Taiwanese mooncake. The filling consists mostly of mashed mung bean, and sometimes pork. To promote a healthier diet, the mung bean pastry makers have almost replaced all of the pork fillings with mung bean.
- mung bean 綠豆
- green bean 四季豆
- red bean / azuki bean 紅豆
- kidney bean 大紅豆/花豆

4. 芋頭酥 taro pastry


The round-shaped taro pastry has a crispy crust that wraps up the taro mush filling. Soft and smooth in texture, taro was a staple of the Taiwanese diet in early times, and remains as a popular and well-loved food among older people.

  • taro 芋頭
  • taro ball 芋圓

5.牛軋糖 nougat


To most people’s surprise, the nougat actually originated in Italy. After setting its roots in Taiwan, the nougat has evolved into a different form, including milk powder as its main ingredient; the variation has later become the signature Taiwanese-style nougat.

  • nougat 牛軋糖

6.鐵蛋 iron egg

鐵蛋雖然看起來黑得嚇人,但他獨特的 Q 彈嚼勁和入味的醬油香,常常使外國人驚艷。

While their dark color might seem scary at first, iron eggs have worked their way into foreigners’ appetites with their unique chewy texture and rich soy sauce flavor.


7.魷魚絲 dried shredded squid


The dried shredded squid is a common tapa in Taiwan. It’s very chewy. The flavor starts coming out as you chew, gets more intense the more you chew, and gradually ends with a tint of sweetness.

  • shred 撕碎
  • squid 魷魚
  • cuttlefish 花枝、烏賊
  • salmon 鮭魚 [ˋsæmən]

8.肉乾 jerky


When there’s beer, there’s got to be some jerkies! Every bite is incredibly flavorful and moist.


  • beef jerky 牛肉乾
  • pork jerky 豬肉乾

9.豌豆酥 / 可樂果 pea crackers


For those born and raised in Taiwan, pea crackers must be one of the snacks that you grew up eating. They are shaped like Rotini noodles, with a crunchy and crispy texture and a lasting garlic flavor.

  • pea 豌豆

10.茶葉 tea / tea leaf


The Taiwanese have been known for their unconditional love for tea. Taking advantage of its climate and undulating topography, Taiwan has produced all kinds of tea that are marketed throughout the world.


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