Managertoday 經理人


2020-09-23 11:06:13
**<span style="color: #993300;">21. for reasons outlined above   從上述的理由</span>** For reasons o

21. for reasons outlined above   從上述的理由

For reasons outlined above, we decided not to launch this product.   基於上述的理由,我們決定不發行這個產品。

22. be subject to   決定於

The new product launch schedule is subject to approval by headquarters.   新產品的發決定於總部的同意。

23. in light of   按照

We reviewed our strategies in light of recent market changes.   我們按照市場變化重新考慮公司的策略。

24. as well   同樣地

It was decided by the company's top management that the event would be expanded to other functions as well.   公司的管理階層會決定將這個活動同樣地擴展至其他部門。

25. in my opinion   在我看來

In my opinion, we should delay our decision until the end of the week.      依我看來,我們應該延到這個週末再做決定。