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2020-09-22 12:53:24
文章出處 /[ 看 VoiceTube 學英文]( 相信對很多人來說,英文簡報簡直是可怕的夢魘!但在職場上,用英文做簡報不但加分

文章出處 / 看 VoiceTube 學英文


一、 簡報器材

  1. video projector 投影機

  2. digital video camera 數位攝影機

  3. projection screen 投影幕

  4. laser pointer 雷射筆

  5. microphone 麥克風

  6. slide 幻燈片

  7. whiteboard 白板

  8. markers 馬克筆

二、 準備簡報或演說

  1. Have you done a trial run yet? 你有先試著說一次嗎?
  • 複習:go over

  • 請教某人的看法:bounce an idea off of someone
    舉例: Can I bounce a few ideas off of you? 我可以請教你一些看法嘛

    1. I’m sure that I’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. 我確定我已經做好萬全的準備了!
  • to dot I’s and cross t’s 是指將一件事情徹底完成

    1. I am trying not to get stage fright!我試著不要怯場!
  • 表達緊張:Butterflies in one’s stomach

三、 開始簡報


  1. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for being here. 各位先生女士,午安,很高興你們來到這裡

  2. Hello! I’m so glad you could all be here today. 嗨,很高興你們今天都能來到這裡


  1. We’ve come here today to learn about…今天大家齊聚一堂,是要認識些…

  2. Today, I’d like to talk to you about…今天,我想和各位談談…

  3. I intend to give you an overview of ….我想(題目),向各位做個總結

  4. My focus will be on…我會把焦點放在

  5. This presentation will cover…這次簡報將涵蓋了…(主體)


  1. I recently learned that…我最近才知道…

  2. While I was thinking about this speech, I was reminded of…當我在構思這場演說時,我想起了….

  3. The reason I’m so passionate about (主題) has to do with my experience as a young woman / man. While I was there, I witnessed….我會對 (主題) 有這麼大的熱忱,與我年輕時的經歷有很大的關係。我在那裏時,曾目睹…

  4. Have you ever wondered…各位是否想過…

  5. Imagine if you…試想一下,如果你….

  6. Can you even conceive of it? 你能想像嗎?


  1. Please feel free to interrupt with questions at any time. 若有問題,請你們隨時發問

  2. I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions at the end. 我很樂意在簡報結束時回答各位的問題

  3. I welcome questions, but I must ask you to hold them until the end of the talk. 我十分歡迎各位的提問,但請各位留到簡報最後再提出


  1. To sum up…總而言之 (相似:In conclusion,…)

  2. In the end…最後

  3. I’d like to conclude with a quote from… 我想要引用…的話作為結論

  4. I’d like to leave you with one last idea:… 在結束前我還想向你們提出最後一個概念


  1. Has anyone got any question? 有人要提出任何問題嗎?

  2. Are there any questions you’d like to ask? 各位想要提出什麼問題嗎?

  3. I would like to start our Q&A session. 現在開始進入提問時間

  4. I’d be glad to answer any questions. 我很樂意回答任何問題


  1. I am sorry I don’t quite understand your question. 我很抱歉,我不是很了解您的問題

  2. Could you rephrase your question? 可以請您重複一次問題嗎?


  1. Thank you for asking that question. 謝謝你了這個問題

  2. Thank your for bringing that point up. 謝謝你提供那個觀點
    Bring something up 提出某件事情

  3. I’m very glad you asked that. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear when… 我很高興你問到那件事情,或許在…的時候我沒有表達得很清楚


  1. Does that answer your question? 有回答到你的問題嗎?

  2. Did I answer your question clearly? 我有清楚地回答到你的問題嗎?


  1. Can I check on that and give you the answer later? 我可以確認後之後再回復您的問題嗎?

  2. I am sorry I don’t have the details now, but I can give them to you later. 很抱歉,我現在手邊沒有資料,我可以晚點給您。

    【職場的進擊】向賈伯斯學習高超的簡報技巧(Present Like Steve Jobs)



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