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「好啊!」除了 YES 和 OK 還能怎麼講?13 種說法,讓你答得精準又專業

2020-08-13 16:36:24
「對啊!正是!沒錯!當然!真的!的確!那還用說!」這些都是我們在英文對話中常常會用到的話語,你還是只會說 yes 或 ok 嗎?讓小 V 來教你回答得道地又漂亮

「對啊!正是!沒錯!當然!真的!的確!那還用說!」這些都是我們在英文對話中常常會用到的話語,你還是只會說 yes 或 ok 嗎?讓小 V 來教你回答得道地又漂亮!

1. Exactly! 對啊!

A: So you mean he literally proposed to you yesterday on the beach?
B: Exactly! Can you imagine that?
A: That is way too romantic!
B: You bet!

2. Right! 對啊!

A: Maybe you should take a taxi instead of the bus so that you can be there on time.
B: Right! Good idea!

3. Absolutely! 正是!

A: Are you the one in this picture with the trophy?
B: Absolutely! You have no idea I was the hero of our school throughout the year!

4. Correct! 沒錯!

A: Let me guess. You are accepted by the graduate school, right?
B: Correct! And I also got the scholarship! It’s really amazing!

5. Totally! 真的!

A: I just don’t think it’s possible for us to overwork every single day until midnight.
B: Totally! How could we get a normal life like this?

6. No doubt! 毫無疑問!/ 無庸置疑!

A: I think mom is still angry at us. Do you think we can still play video games tonight?
B: There’s no doubt that she will not let us play.

7. One hundred percent! 毫無疑問!/無庸置疑!

A: Are you sure this is safe enough? I still doubt it.
B: One hundred percent!

8. You’re right! 你說得對!

You’re right! People become different when they grow older.

9. For sure! 那當然囉!

A: Alan said he will buy us drink tonight.
B: For sure! He got promotion and this is totally worth celebrating for!

10. You bet! 當然!/ 的確!

You bet! I think the team will win the championship today!

11. It’s true! 真的!

It’s true! There’s no way he can survive in this kind of weather without a proper jacket.

12. You tell me! 還用你說!/ 可不是嗎?

Oh! You tell me! I would never go to that restaurant anymore.

13. Tell me about it! 還用你說!/ 可不是嗎?

Tell me about it! I’ve just been through that horrible situation so I totally understand it!

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