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到底是 in the weekend 還是 on the weekend?一次搞懂 in、on、at 的用法!

2020-08-09 01:00:40
in, on, at 都是我們常用的時間介係詞,如果你也常搞混的話,今天只要用三句話、不到十秒的時間就可以馬上搞懂這三者的差別,不相信嗎?那就試試看囉!

in, on, at 都是我們常用的時間介係詞,如果你也常搞混的話,今天只要用三句話、不到十秒的時間就可以馬上搞懂這三者的差別,不相信嗎?那就試試看囉!

in, on, at 用法的差別就在於:
- at:一個準確、特定的時刻
- in:月份、季節、年、世紀、一段長而「非特定」的時間
- on:特定日期、星期


in +(months, years, centuries, long periods)

in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening
in January
in February
in March, 2015
in the spring
in the summer
in the fall
in the winter
in 2015
in the past year
in the 18th century
in the week
in the past
in the future

on +(days and dates)

on Monday
on Tuesday morning
on Wednesday afternoon
on Thursday evening
on Friday night
on 28, April
on New Year's Day
on Christmas Day
on the weekend

at +(precise time)

at 07:11
at 10'clock
at noon
at noon yesterday
at night
at midnight
at the same time

in the morning / at night

大家有沒有發現一個問題?為什麼我們用 in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, 但卻是用 “at” night 呢?其實這個問題很多母語人士也無法真的說個明白,也有各種解釋,但我把我偏好的一種解釋跟大家分享:

如一開始所講,in 用在一段較長而「非特定」的時間;at 用在一段「特定」的時刻,而 night 一般是英語人士表示睡前沒事要做的那段「特定時間」,大概就是晚上九到十二點間,所以相較 morning、afternoon 這些範圍較大且較無特定的時間,我們就相對會用 at night 喔!

還有幾個特例值得注意一下,像 on the weekend 跟 at the weekend 都有人用,on Christmas 跟 at Christmas 也都有人用,使用上還是依習慣為主。

(1) Is Costco open ___ New Year’s Day?
(2) Jack often goes out ___ night.
(3) When I woke up ___ the morning, …
(4) I usually wake up ___ 9:00 ___ the morning.
(5) I suggest that he should come ___ Saturday morning.
(6) VoiceTube was founded ___ January, 2013.

(1) on (2) at (3) in (4) at, in (5) on (6) in

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