Managertoday 經理人


2020-08-07 00:24:58
**<span style="color: #808000;">6. in accordance with (according to)    根據</span>** In accorda

6. in accordance with (according to)    根據

In accordance with the announcement made by our CEO today.....     根據總經理今天的宣布......

7. in terms of   在某方面

The ABC company is number one in terms of net sales in Taiwan.   在淨銷售額方面,ABC公司在台灣市場是第一名。

8. apart from that    此外

Apart from that, I want you tp promise me one thing.   此外,我要你答應我一件事。

9. rather than   而非

You should be responsible for this issue rahter than me.    你應該為此事負責,而不是我。

10. due to   由於

Her absense was due to sickness.    由於生病,她沒有來上班。