Managertoday 經理人


2020-08-13 08:22:09
**<span style="color: #009300;">11. in case     以防</span>** We also provide the contact window

11. in case     以防

We also provide the contact window for you in case you have further questions regarding this product.  假使你對這項產品有進一步的問題,我們也提供聯絡窗口給你。

12. as far as I know     據我所知

As far as I know, they will invest quite a big amount in marketing this product next year.  據我所知,他們明年將投資大筆金額來行銷這個產品。

13. in view of      鑒於

In view of the above, we consider it may be better if dialog can be arranged between A and B.   鑒於上述所提及,我們可以考慮安排A和B對話,這樣可能會比較好。

14. even though    雖然

Even though I tried very hard, I didn't manage to finish the work.    所然我努力嘗試,我還是無法完成這項工作。

15. prior to  that    在那之前

Proior to that, we need to communicate with the salespersons on the process. 在那之前,我們必須與業務同仁溝通流程。