Managertoday 經理人


2020-08-14 12:15:00
**<span style="color: #993300;">16. as long as   只要</span>** We are prepared to pay your askin

16. as long as   只要

We are prepared to pay your asking price, as long as you can deliver on time.  只要你能準時交貨,我們已預備好要付你們要求的價格。

17. as a reminder   在此提醒

As a reminder, all sales are counted if they are booked by the end of this month.在此提醒,在月底前下定的業績都會被計算。

18. from one's perspective  從什麼觀點

This is very sensitive from both regulatory's perspectives. 從雙方主管機關的觀點來看,這是非常敏感的。

19. in the case   既然如此

In that case, let's start earlier.  既然如此,我們就早點開始。

20. on one's behalf  代表某人

On my boss' behalf, I agree on the special price.  我代表我老闆同意這特別的價額優惠。