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2020-08-04 00:49:48
**<span style="color: #993300;">26. compared with ( in comparison with )  與~相比</span>** His pe

26. compared with ( in comparison with )  與~相比

His performance is not bad compared with his co-workers in the same department.   和同部門同事相比,他的績效算不錯。

27. by the way    順便提起

By the say, thanks for elping us arrange the meeting.   順便提起,謝謝你幫我安排這個會議。

28. to my knowledge   據我理解

To my knowledge, there are still some problems with the new system.   據我理解,這個新系統還有一些問題。

29. actually  ( as a matter of fact, in fact )  事實上

Actually, O've never been there before.    事實上,我從未到過那兒。

30. to tell you the truth ( frabkly speaking )   坦白說

To tell you the truth, I have no idea about it.    坦白說,我不知道。


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