Managertoday 經理人


2020-08-10 06:21:01
**<span style="color: #993300;">31. in spite of   儘管</span>** In spite of  spending all night,

31. in spite of   儘管

In spite of  spending all night, i wasn't able to finish the work.  儘管通霄,我還是無法完成工作。

32. in order to  為了

We propose to launch a sales competition campaign in order to achieve the sales target.  我們提議舉辦業務銷售競賽以達成銷售目標。

33. as usual    像往常一樣

Annual bonuses will be paid as usual to employees who have performed well this year.   像往常一樣,今年表現優秀的員工可以獲得年終獎金。

34. in principle   原則上

In principle, we are happy to agree on the new proposal.   原則上,我們樂於贊同這個新提案。

35. on the whole  整體而言

On the whole, last year was successful, with profits up by eight percent, in spite of difficulties in the market.    整體而言,雖然去年市場不景氣,但是獲利上升了八百分點,相當成功。

( 內容由《利用上班,學好英文》(楊偉凱著,商周出版)提供。 作者楊偉凱,沒有出國喝過洋墨水,卻能在外商圈中過關斬將,曾任匯豐銀行信託投資分處資深副總裁)