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2020-09-30 08:12:10
> 年終要到啦!是時候好好回顧人生,規劃新的一年的時候了!公司也將進入發放獎金、計算年假、舉辦尾牙的時候啦! 讓我們來學學這些實用單字吧:) ###挖角 / 獵人頭 poach / headhunt


挖角 / 獵人頭 poach / headhunt

舉例:Companies sometimes poach employees from one another. (一些公司有時會相互挖走對方的雇員。)
舉例:He was headhunted by Barkers last October to build an advertising team. (他去年10月被巴克斯挖去建立一個廣告團隊。)

退休 retirement

舉例:He was given a gold watch on his retirement.( 他退休時得到了一支金錶。)

退休金 pension

舉例:Since then he has been drawing a pension. (從那時起他一直領退休金。)

加薪 get a raise

舉例:So who is in the best position now to get a raise? ( 那麼,如今誰處在加薪的最有利位置呢?)

減薪 dock one’s pay

舉例:Those who remained after the company cutback had their pay docked by at least 20%. (在公司減縮後還有工作的人,都至少被減薪20%之多。)

獎懲 rewards and punishments

舉例:Teacher evaluation is not only the basis for teachers’ appointments, rewards and punishments but an important way to promote their profession development. ( 教師評價不僅是教師任用和獎懲的依據,更是促進教師專業發展的重要手段。)

年假 annual leave

舉例:How many years of service will reach the maximum of annual leave entitlement in your company? ( 在你公司服務滿多少年才可以享有最多的年假?)

年終獎金 year-end bonus

舉例:More than 52 percent of Taiwan’s office workers cannot wait to quit their jobs even before receiving their year-end bonuses, according to the results of an online survey released Thursday.(根據周四出爐的線上調查,台灣超過52%的白領階級等不及領取年終獎金就想辭職了。)

年度旅遊 annual outing

舉例:He helps to arrange annual outing. ( 他幫忙籌辦年度旅遊。)

尾牙 year-end party

舉例:David and Joanna prepare to go out to a year-end party. ( 大衛和瓊安娜準備去參加年終聯歡會。)

員工考核表 employee evaluation

舉例:Could you please come to my office for your annual employee evaluation? ( 可以請你到我辦公室來,作年度員工考核嗎?)

年度業績 annual sale

舉例:Looking back on the year, our annual sale has grown 12% under our tightly-knit cooperation. (檢視這一年,在我們雙方緊密的合作下,本年度的業績較去年成長了12%)

升遷 promotion

舉例:His promotion means a raise in salary. ( 他的升遷意味著將加薪。)

年終大掃除 spring cleaning

舉例:Do a spring cleaning of your home, wardrobe, bedroom, storeroom and work desk. ( 打掃一下你的房間、衣櫃、臥室、儲藏間工作桌吧。)

轉換跑道 career change

舉例:What motivated you to make a career change? ( 你轉換跑道的動機是什麼?)

被資遣 being laid-off

舉例:After being laid off from work, she became a full-time housekeeper, taking care of the whole family. ( 被資遣後,他便擔任全職管家,照料一家老小的生活起居。)


Getting a job

找工作 look for/apply for/go for + a job

申請 get/pick up/complete/fill out + an application (form)

寄出履歷、申請 send/email + your CV/ résumé/application/application form/covering letter

參加面試 be called for/have/attend + an interview

提供他人機會 offer somebody a + job/work/employment/promotion

找到工作 find/get/land + a job

雇用 employ/ hire/recruit

任命主管 recruit/appoint + a manager

Doing a job

輪班 start/finish work/your shift

超時工作 do/put in/work + overtime

接受訓練 do/get/have/receive training

經驗、資格 have/gain/get/lack/need + experience/qualifications

技能 learn/pick up/improve/develop + (your) skills

工作量 cope with/manage/share/spread + the workload

工作與人生平衡 achieve a better work-life balance

滿足 have (no) job satisfaction

Building a career

專業相關 enter/go into/join + a profession

職涯發展 choose/embark on/start/begin/pursue a career

轉換跑道 change jobs/profession/career

自由職業 be/work/go + freelance

志工 do/be engaged in/be involved in voluntary work

Leaving your job

辭職 leave/ quit/resign from your job

放棄 give up work/your job/your career

提出辭職 hand in your notice/resignation

退休 plan to/be due to + retire in June/next year, etc.

提早退休 take early retirement