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2020-09-27 08:33:13
「現在的年輕人哪⋯」假如你常常有這樣的感嘆,當心,你可能是員工眼裡最差勁的主管。這篇文章提出7個檢驗自己是不是好主管的重點,觀點很簡單也很實際,但你不見得會用英文表達得很貼切。 第一遍仔細地先讀英文



(A) 自尊
(B) 部屬
(C) 謬論

1. 目標要可靠,期望要實際

Solid goal, practical expectation.

Before setting a goal for your team, imagine what it'd be like if you're going to do it all by yourself. Is it going to be hard or is it going to be easy? After understanding your goals thoroughly, you can have a more practical expectation. Remember that under promising and over delivering always lead to better results.


2. 建立團隊互信

Build trust within your team.

Integration within a team always depends on trust. Transparent and honest communication will not only benefit the team's efficiency but also the corporate culture.


3. 解決導向

Solution is the point.

When encountering a problem, or when team members make mistakes, remember not to focus on the problem itself but the solution to the issue. This is how employees learn to solve things themselves.


4. 創造部屬的自信心

Build (A) self-esteem in (B) underlings.

Pay attention to how you make others feel. An MVP in your team will never be just obedient, but will be confident and understand his or her own value.


5. 好的領導人不獨裁

A good leader is not an autocrat.

Being a competent leader doesn't mean you are going to (2) throw your weight around. Finding a balance between being firm and being reasonable is a lesson that every leader should learn.


6. 懂得賞識很重要

Appreciation is important.

Direct and plain feedback is necessary. So is appreciation. Encourage the positive cycle by telling the employee exactly what he did well.


7. 領導人也須「服務他人」

Leaders need to serve others.

There is a (C) fallacy that the leader's job is to command. Actually, a leader's main mission is to "serve." Offer the necessary information and give your team a hand when they are needed; that's how you make the team willing to support you in the same way.



1. Under promise and over deliver


  • Remember the principle of under promise and over deliver, and never make a promise that you cannot fulfill.

和這句話相反的是Over promise and under deliver,承諾過高卻又無法實際做到。

2. Throw one's weight around 逞威風

  • He is a bossy person who's always throwing his weight around.

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